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Network Camera User Manual
Event Settings
This section explains how to configure the network camera to respond to alarm
events, including basic event and smart event.
Basic Events
You can configure the basic events by following the instructions in this section,
including motion detection, video tampering, alarm input, alarm output, and
exception, etc. These events can trigger the linkage methods, such as Notify
Surveillance Center, Send Email, Trigger Alarm Output, etc.
Note: Check the checkbox of Notify Surveillance Center if you want the alarm
information to be pushed to PC or mobile client software as soon as the alarm is
10.1.1 Configuring Motion Detection
Motion detection detects the moving objects in the configured surveillance area, and
a series of actions can be taken when the alarm is triggered.
In order to detect the moving objects accurately and reduce the false alarm rate,
normal configuration and expert configuration are selectable for different motion
detection environment.
Normal Configuration
Normal configuration adopts the same set of motion detection parameters in the
daytime and at night.
Tasks 1: Set the Motion Detection Area
1. Enter the motion detection settings interface: Configuration > Event > Basic
Event > Motion Detection.