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Network Camera User Manual
3. (Optional) Click Delete to delete the current arming schedule, or click Save to
save the settings.
4. Move the mouse to the end of each day, a copy dialogue box pops up, and you
can copy the current settings to other days.
5. Click Save to save the settings.
Note: The time of each period cannot be overlapped. Up to 8 periods can be
configured for each day.
Task 3: Set the Linkage Method for Motion Detection
Check the checkbox to select the linkage method. Audible Warning, Send Email,
Notify Surveillance Center, Upload to FTP/Memory Card/NAS, Trigger Channel and
Trigger Alarm Output are selectable. You can specify the linkage method when an
event occurs.
Linkage Method
Note: The linkage methods vary according to the different camera models.
Audible Warning
Trigger the audible warning locally. And it only supported by the device that
have the audio output.
Notify Surveillance Center
Send an exception or alarm signal to remote management software when an
event occurs.
Send Email
Send an email with alarm information to a user or users when an event occurs.