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Network Camera User Manual
Note: To send the Email when an event occurs, please refer to 7.2.3 Configuring
Email Settings to complete Email setup in advance.
Upload to FTP/Memory Card/NAS
Capture the image when an alarm is triggered and upload the picture to a FTP
Set the FTP address and the remote FTP server first. Refer to 7.2.2
Configuring FTP Settings for detailed information.
Go to Configuration > Storage > Schedule Settings> Capture > Capture
Parameters page, enable the event-triggered snapshot, and set the capture
interval and capture number.
The captured image can also be uploaded to the available SD card or
network disk.
Trigger Channel
The video will be recorded when the motion is detected. You have to set the
recording schedule to realize this function. Please refer to 11.1 Configuring
Record Schedule for detailed information.
Trigger Alarm Output
Trigger one or more external alarm outputs when an event occurs.
Note: To trigger an alarm output when an event occurs, please refer to 10.1.4
Configuring Alarm Output to set the related parameters.
Expert Configuration
Expert mode is mainly used to configure the sensitivity and proportion of object on
each area for different day/night switch.