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Network Camera User Manual
Setting Wireless Alarm
2. Select the wireless alarm number.
Up to 8 channels of external wireless alarm input are supported.
3. Check the checkbox of Enable Wireless Alarm to activate the wireless alarm.
4. Input the alarm name in the text field as desired.
5. Check the checkbox to select the linkage methods taken for the wireless alarm.
6. Click Save to save the settings.
7. Locate the external wireless device beside the camera, and go to Configuration >
System > System Settings > Remote Control to arm the camera and study the
wireless alarm.
Configuring Wireless Alarm Settings
PIR Alarm
A PIR (Passive Infrared) alarm is triggered when an intruder moves within the
detector's field of view. The heat energy dissipated by a person, or any other warm
blooded creature such as dogs, cats, etc., can be detected.
1. Enter the PIR Alarm Settings interface:
Configuration > Advanced Configuration> Basic Event> PIR Alarm