User Manual

Table Of Contents
Network Camera User Manual
For the camera enables the DHCP by default, you need to use the SADP software
to search the IP address.
Activation via Web Browser
3. Create and input a password into the password field.
A password with user name in it is not allowed.
STRONG PASSWORD RECOMMENDED–We highly recommend you create a
strong password of your own choosing (using a minimum of 8 characters,
including at least three of the following categories: upper case letters, lower
case letters, numbers, and special characters) in order to increase the security
of your product. And we recommend you reset your password regularly,
especially in the high security system, resetting the password monthly or
weekly can better protect your product.
4. Confirm the password.
5. Click OK to save the password and enter the live view interface.
Activation via SADP Software
SADP software is used for detecting the online device, activating the camera, and
resetting the password.
Get the SADP software from the supplied disk or the official website, and install the
SADP according to the prompts. Follow the steps to activate the camera.