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Network Camera User Manual
Threshold: Range [5-100s], the threshold for the time of the objects left over in
the region. If you set the value as 10, alarm is triggered after the object is left
and stay in the region for 10s.
9. Drag the slider to set the sensitivity value.
Sensitivity: Range [1-100]. Sensitivity stands for the percentage of the body part
of an acceptable target that enters the pre-defined region.
Sensitivity = 100 S
stands for target body part that enters the pre-defined region. S
stands for
the complete target body.
Example: if you set the value as 60, a target is possible to be counted as an
unattended baggage only when 40 percent body part of the target enters the
Note: The Sensitivity of the detection is supported by certain models.
10. Repeat the above steps to configure other regions. Up to 4 regions can be set.
You can click the Clear button to clear all pre-defined regions.
11. Click Arming Schedule to set the arming schedule.
12. Click Linkage Method to select the linkage methods.
13. Click Save to save the settings.
Configuring Object Removal Detection
Object removal detection function detects the objects removed from the pre-defined
region, such as the exhibits on display, and a series of actions can be taken when the
alarm is triggered.
1. Enter the Object Removal Detection settings interface, Configuration > Event >
Smart Event > Object Removal Detection.