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Network Camera User Manual
Object Removal Detection
2. Check Enable checkbox to enable the function.
3. Select the Region from the drop-down list for detection settings.
4. Click Area Settings and click Draw Area button to start the area drawing.
5. Click on the live video to specify the four vertexes of the detection region, and
right click to complete drawing.
6. Set the Max. Size and Min. Size for valid targets. Targets smaller or larger than
the valid target size are not able to trigger detection.
Max. Size: The maximum size of a valid target. Targets with larger sizes would
not trigger detection.
Min. Size: The minimum size of a valid target. Targets with smaller sizes would
not trigger detection.
7. Click Stop Drawing when finish drawing.
8. Set the time threshold for object removal detection.
Threshold: Range [5-100s], the threshold for the time of the objects removed
from the region. If you set the value as 10, alarm is triggered after the object