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Network Camera User Manual
disappears from the region for 10s.
9. Drag the slider to set the sensitivity value.
Sensitivity: Range [1-100]. It stands for the percentage of the body part of an
acceptable target that leaves the pre-defined region.
Sensitivity = 100 S
stands for the target body part that leaves the pre-defined region. S
for the complete target body.
Example: if you set the value as 60, a target is possible to be counted as a
removed object only when 40 percent body part of the target leaves the region.
Note: The Sensitivity of the detection is supported by certain models.
10. Repeat the above steps to configure other regions. Up to 4 regions can be set.
You can click the Clear button to clear all pre-defined regions.
11. Click Arming Schedule to set the arming schedule.
12. Click Linkage Method to select the linkage methods.
13. Click Save to save the settings.
VCA Configuration
Face Capture
The camera can capture the face that appears in the configured area, and the face
information will be uploaded with the captured picture as well.
Note: Only certain camera models support the function.
Overlay & Capture
Display VCA info. on Stream: The green frames will be displayed on the target if
in a live view or playback.
Display Target info. on Alarm Picture: There will be a frame on the target on the
uploaded alarm picture if the checkbox is checked.
Snapshot Settings:
Target Picture Settings