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Network Camera User Manual
Draw Shield Area
2. Click Save.
1. Check Rule to enable rules of face capture.
2. Click to draw the minimum pupil distance. The distance of the drawn
pupil will be displayed on the box below the live view.
The minimize pupil distance refers to the minimum square size composed by
the area between two pupils, and it is the basic standard for a camera to
identify a target.
3. Click to draw the maximum pupil distance.
4. Click to draw the detection area you want the face capture to take effect.
Draw area by left click end-points in the live view window, and right click to
finish the area drawing.
Polygon area (4~10 sides) sides is supported.
If the live view is stopped, there is no way to draw the configured area.
5. Click Save.
6. Click Arming Schedule tab, and set the schedule time for each rule, and click
Save to save the settings.
7. Click Alarm Linkage tab, check the checkbox of corresponding linkage