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Network Camera User Manual
during its stay in the configured area. The default value is 1.
Capture Interval: [1~255 Frame]: The frame interval to capture a picture. If
you set the value as 1, which is the default value, it means the camera
captures the face in every frame.
Capture Threshold: It stands for the quality of face to trigger capture and
alarm. Higher value means better quality should be met to trigger capture
and alarm.
Quick Shot: You can define quick shot threshold and max. capture interval.
Quick Shot Threshold: It stands for the quality of face to trigger quick shot.
Face Exposure: Check the checkbox to enable the face exposure.
Reference Brightness [0~100]: The reference brightness of a face in the face
exposure mode. If a face is detected, the camera adjusts the face brightness
according to the value you set. The higher the value, the brighter the face is.
Minimum Duration [1~60min]: The minimum duration of the camera exposures the
face. The default value is 1 minute.
Note: If the face exposure is enabled, please make sure the WDR function is disabled,
and the manual iris is selected.
Face Filtering Time: It means the time interval between the camera detecting a face
and taking a capture action. If the detected face stays in the scene for less than the
set filtering time, capture will not be triggered. For example, if the face filtering time
is set as 5 seconds, the camera will capture the detected face when the face keeps
staying in the scene for 5 seconds.
Note: The face filtering time (longer than 0s) may increase the possibility of the
actual capture times less than the set value above.
Invalid Capture Filter: Check the checkbox to enable invalid capture filter. The invalid
captured face pictures will be filtered if the function is enabled.
Restore Default: Click Restore to restore all the settings in advanced configuration to
the factory default.