User Manual

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Network Camera User Manual
(2) Click Add.
(3) Upload the picture and specify detailed information of the uploaded face.
Picture format shall be JPEG.
(4) Click OK.
2. Import face pictures in batch. When you import face pictures in batch, the picture
name is saved as the face name. For other face information, you should modify
one by one manually.
(1) Select a face picture library.
(2) Click Import.
(3) Select picture path.
(4) Click OK.
3. Modify face information.
Face picture is not allowed to change during modification.
(1) Select a face picture library.
(2) Select the target face picture. You can use search function to locate the
(3) Click Modify.
(4) Edit detailed information.
(5) Click OK.
4. Modeling and Batch Modeling.
Modeling process builds up face model for each face picture. Face model is
compulsory for face picture comparison to take effect.
Modeling: Select one or more face pictures, and click Modeling.
Batch Modeling: Select a face picture library, click Batch Modeling.
5. Search a face in library.
(1) Input search conditions, for example, Name, Gender, etc.
(2) Click Search.