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Network Camera User Manual
Face Picture Comparison
Face picture comparison compares captured pictures with face pictures in library and
output comparison result. Comparison result can trigger certain actions when arming
schedule and linkage method are set.
When the similarity of the detected face and the face picture in library reaches
certain threshold, the device will upload the comparison result and related alarm
Before you start:
For certain camera models, you need to enable Face Capture on VCA Resource
(Configuration > System > System Settings > VCA Resource) page to show the
You should first create a face picture library and add face pictures. Get detailed
instruction on Face Picture Library page.
1. Enter configuration page, and select Face Picture Comparison.
Configuration > Comparison and Modeling > Face Comparison and Modeling
2. Check Enable Face Picture Comparison.
3. Set desired information to upload for face comparison.
4. Select a comparison mode.
Best Comparison: the device captures and compares the target face
continuously when the face target stays in the detection area, and upload
the best scored face picture and related alarm information when the target
face leaves the area.
Quick Comparison: the device capture and compares the target face when
the face grading exceeds the set Face Grading Threshold for Capture.
Face Grading Threshold for Capture: the face grading threshold for the
device to judge whether to capture and upload the face or not.
Max. Capture Interval: the max. interval between two captures when the