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Network Camera User Manual
4. Set the detection line.
An orange line, named as detection line can be set on the live video, and the
object entering or exiting through the line will be detected and counted.
1) Click to draw a detection line, and an orange detection line will
appear on the image.
The detection line should be drawn at the position right below the
camera, and it should cover the whole entrance / exit.
Draw the detection line at the position don’t have many people
2) Click-and-drag the detection line to adjust its position.
3) Click-and-drag the two end points of the detection line to adjust its
4) Click to delete the detection line.
5) Click to to change the direction.
5. Click the button, and the number of the people entered and exited will
be cleared to zero.
6. Click Arming Schedule to enter the arming schedule interface, and
click-and-drag the mouse on the time bar to set the time.
7. Check Linkage Method tab to select the linkage method.
8. Click Save to save the settings.
Only certain camera models support the function.
The counting statistics will be calculated under Application tab. Go to
Application to check the counting statistics.
Heat Map
Heat map is a graphical representation of data represented by colors. The heat map
function of the camera usually be used to analyze the visit times and dwell time of