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Network Camera User Manual
identify a target. The over-high sensitivity may cause the misinformation. It is
recommended you set the sensitivity as the default value, which is 50.
Background Update Rate [0~100]: It refers to the speed of the new scene
replaces the previous scene. E.g.: In front of a cabinet, the people besides the
cabinet will be double counted if the goods moved from the cabinet, and the
camera treats the cabinet (on which the good removed) as a new scene. The
default value of 50 is recommended.
Scene Change Level [0~100]: It refers to level of the camera responses to the
dynamic environment, e.g., a swaying curtain. The camera may treat the
swaying curtain as a target. Setting the level properly will avoid the
misinformation. The default level is 50.
Minimum Target Size [0~100]: It refers to the size of the camera identify a
target. You can set the target size according to the actual environment. The
default size is 50.
Target Track: Select ON or OFF to enable or disable the tracking of the target.
5. Go to Arming Schedule tab, and click-and-drag the mouse on the time bar to
set the arming schedule.
6. Go to Linkage Method tab, and select the linkage method by checking the
checkbox of notify the surveillance center.
7. Click Save to save the settings.
The heat map statistics will be calculated under Application tab. Go to
Application to check the heat map statistics.
Road Traffic
Vehicle Detection and Mixed-traffic Detection are available for the road traffic
monitoring. In Vehicle Detection, the passed vehicle can be detected and the picture
of its license plate can be captured; besides, the vehicle color, vehicle logo and other
information can be recognized automatically. In Mixed-traffic Detection, the