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Network Camera User Manual
Note: The function changes the detection range and the sensitivity of the queue
management. Remain filter settings unchanged in general situations. You are
recommended to ask the professional technical supports for help to set the filter
parameters if necessary.
Hard Hat Detection
With the function enabled, the camera triggers an alarm when it detects that
someone in the set the monitoring region does not wear the hard hat.
1. Enter the Hard Hat Detection settings interface, Configuration > Hard Hat
2. Check Enable Hard Hat Detection.
3. Set the generation speed. It refers to the target generation speed of the face
entering the detection region. The greater the value is, quicker of generation.
4. Click Draw Area to set the detection region. An alarm will be triggered if the
camera detects that someone in the detection region does not wear the hard hat.
5. Click Arming Schedule to set the arming schedule.
6. Click Linkage Method to set the linkage method.
7. Click Save.
Note: Only certain camera models support the function.
Behavior Analysis
The behavior analysis detects a series of suspicious behavior, and certain linkage
methods will be enabled if the alarm is triggered.