User Manual

Table Of Contents
Network Camera User Manual
Behavior Analysis
Note: Only certain camera models support the function.
Overlay & Capture
Display information includes the display on picture and display on stream.
Display VCA info. on Stream: The green frames will be displayed on the target if
in a live view or playback.
Display Target info. on Alarm Picture: There will be a frame on the target on the
uploaded alarm picture if the checkbox is checked.
Display Rule info. on Alarm Picture: The captured target and the configured area
will be framed on the alarm picture.
Note: Make sure the rules are enabled in your local settings. Go to
Configuration > Local Configuration > Rules to enable it.
Snapshot Setting: You can set the quality and resolution for the captured picture.
Upload JPEG Image to Center: Check the checkbox to upload the captured image
to the surveillance center when a VCA alarm occurs.
Picture Quality: High, Medium and Low are selectable.
Picture Resolution: CIF, 4CIF, 720P, and 1080P are selectable.
Camera Calibration
Perform the following steps to three-dimensionally measure and quantize the image