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Network Camera User Manual
from the camera, and then calculate the size of every target. The VCA detection will
be more accurate if the camera calibration is configured.
1. Check the checkbox of Camera Calibration to enable this function.
2. Select the calibration mode as Input Basic Data or Draw on Live View Video.
Input Basic Data: Input the mounting height, viewing angle, and horizon ratio
of the camera manually.
Draw on Live View Video: Click Draw Verification Line (Horizontal) / (Vertical)
to draw a horizontal/vertical line in the live view, and input the actual length
in Real Length field. With the drawn reference lines and their real length, the
camera can conclude other objects appear in the live view.
3. Click the Horizontal Verify / Vertical Verify button to draw a
horizontal / vertical line on the live video, and click the Start Verifying
button to calculate the line length. Compare the calculated line length to the
actual length to verify the calibration information you set.
Note: If the live view is stopped, the camera calibration is invalid.