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Network Camera User Manual
Draw on Live View Window
4. You can click to delete the drawn lines.
5. Click Save to save the settings.
Shield Region
The shield region allows you to set the specific region in which the behavior analysis
will not function. Up to 4 shield regions are supported.
1. Click Shield Region tab to enter the shield region configuration interface.
2. Click the hexagons sign to draw shield area by left click end-points in
the live view window, and right click to finish the area drawing.
Polygon area with up to 10 sides is supported.
Click to delete the drawn areas.
If live view is stopped, there is no way to draw the shield regions.
3. Click Save to save the settings.
The behavior analysis supports a series of behaviors, including line crossing
detection, intrusion, region entrance, and region exiting, etc.
Note: Please refer to each chapter for detailed information of each behavior.
1. Click Rule Tab to enter the rule configuration interface.
2. Check the checkbox of the single rule to enable the rule for behavior
3. Select the rule type, set the filter type, and then draw the line/area on the
live video for the single rule.