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Network Camera User Manual
select the crossing direction, which is bidirectional, A-to-B, or B-to-A. For
other events such as intrusion, region entrance, region exiting, etc., you have
to left click on the live video to set the end points of the area and right click
to finish the area drawing.
Note: If the live view is stopped, the detection area / line cannot be draw
and the rules cannot be set.
4. Check the checkbox of the combined rule to enable the rule for behavior
5. Select two configured single rules as the Rule A and Rule B of the combined
rule, set the minimum and maximum time interval for the two single rules,
and then select the trigger order of the single rules for alarm filtering.
If you select the rule type as None, the rule option is invalid, and no
behavior analysis can be configured.
Up to 8 single rules and 2 combined rules are configurable. And the line
crossing, intrusion, region exiting and region entrance are supported for
the combined rules.
6. Click Save to save the settings.
7. Click Arming Schedule tab to set the schedule time for each rule, and click
Save to save the settings.
8. Click Linkage Method tab, check the checkbox of corresponding linkage
method for each rule, and click Save to save the settings.
Advanced Configuration
Behavior Analysis Version: It lists the version of the algorithms library.
Configure the following parameters to detail the configuration.