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Network Camera User Manual
Advanced Configuration
Detection Sensitivity [0~4]: Refers to the sensitivity of the camera detects a target.
The higher the value, the easier a target be recognized, and the higher the
misinformation is. The default value of 3 is recommended.
Background Update Rate [0~4]: It refers to the speed of the new scene replaces the
previous scene. The default value of 3 is recommended.
Single Alarm: If single alarm is selected, the target in the configured area will trigger
the alarm for only once. If it is not checked, the same target will cause the
continuous alarm in the same configured area.
Leave Interference Suppression: Check this checkbox to stop the interference caused
by the leaves in the configured area.
Output Type: Select the position of the frame. Target center, bottom center, and top
centers are selectable. E.g.: The target will be in the center of the frame if target
center is selected.
Restore Default: Click to restore the configured parameters to the default.
Restart VCA: Restart the algorithms library of behavior analysis.
‚óŹ Global Size Filter
Note: Compared with the size filter under rule, which is aiming at each rule, the
global size filter is aim at all rules.