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Network Camera User Manual
Set Capture Parameters
6. Set the time interval between two snapshots.
7. Click Save to save the settings.
Configure HDD Management
HDD management allows you to view the HDD capacity, free space, status,
encryption status, type, formatting type, property and progress, etc. You can format,
encrypted format or verify the selected HDD as required. And you can assign the
quota for different file types.
1. Enter the HDD management interface, Configuration > Storage > Storage
Management > HDD Management.
HDD Management
2. Select the desired disk and operate as required.
(1) The status of the disk includes Uninitialized and Normal.
If the status of the disk is Uninitialized, you can click Format to initialize
the disk. When the initialization completed, the status of disk will
become Normal. Then the disk can be used normally.