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Network Camera User Manual
(2) The encryption status of the disk includes Unencrypted, Encrypted and
Verification Failed.
If the status of the disk is Unencrypted, you can click Format or
Encrypted Format to format it. The encryption password is required for
the encryption format.
For the encrypted memory card, its status is displayed: Encrypted or
Verification Failed. If the status of the disk is Verification Failed, you can
click Parity, and enter the password for the verification. If the
verification is succeeded, its status changes to Encrypted.
3. (Optional) Define the quota for record and pictures.
(1) Input the quota percentage for picture and for record.
(2) Click Save and refresh the browser page to activate the settings.
Quota Settings
Configuring Net HDD
Before you start:
The network disk should be available within the network and properly configured to
store the recorded files, log files, pictures, etc.
1. Enter the Net HDD settings interface, Configuration > Storage > Storage
Management > Net HDD.