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Network Camera User Manual
Note: Only certain camera models support the function. If this tab page doesn't show
on your web page, it means either that your camera doesn't support the function, or
your installed memory card is not supported for this function. You can contact the
dealer or the retailer for the information of memory card that supports the function.
1. Enter Memory Card Detection configuration interface:
Configuration > Storage > Storage Management > Memory Card Detection
Memory Card Detection
2. View the memory card status on Status Detection tab.
Remaining Lifespan: It shows the percentage of the remaining lifespan. The
lifespan of a memory card may be influenced by factors such as its capacity and
the bitrate. You need to change the memory card if the remaining lifespan is not
Health Status: It shows the condition of your memory card. There are three
status descriptions, good, bad, and damaged. You will receive a notification if the
health status is anything other than good when the Arming Schedule and Linkage
Method are set.
Note: It is recommended that you change the memory card when the health
status is not "good".
3. Click R/W Lock tab to add a lock to the memory card.
With the R/W lock added, the memory card can only be read and write when it is