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Network Camera User Manual
Face Comparison and Modeling Statistics
Search and output face picture comparison result. Face Picture Library and Face
Comparison and Modeling should be set before searching comparison results.
1. Input search condition.
2. Click Counting. Result is shown in Face Picture Comparison Statistics area.
People Counting Statistics
After you enable the people counting function, you can view and download the
people counting data from application tab. To get more intuitional results, you can
display the data in different charts.
1. Select the report type. Daily report, weekly report, monthly report, and annual
report are selectable.
Note: Daily report calculates the data on the date you selected; weekly report
calculates for the week your selected date belongs to; monthly report calculates
for the month your selected date belongs to; and the annual report calculates for
the year your selected date belongs to.
2. Select the statistics type. People Entered, and People Exited are selectable.
3. Select the start time, and click Counting.