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Network Camera User Manual
(Optional) Setting Security Question
Security question is used to reset the admin password when admin user forgets the
Admin user can follow the pop-up window to complete security question settings
during camera activation. Or, admin user can go to User Management interface to
set up the function.
Setting the Network Camera over the WAN
This section explains how to connect the network camera to the WAN with a static IP
or a dynamic IP.
Static IP Connection
Before you start:
Please apply a static IP from an ISP (Internet Service Provider). With the static IP
address, you can connect the network camera via a router or connect it to the WAN
Connecting the network camera via a router
1. Connect the network camera to the router.
2. Assign a LAN IP address, the subnet mask and the gateway. Refer to 2.1.2
Activating the Camera for detailed IP address configuration of the network
3. Save the static IP in the router.
4. Set port mapping, e.g., 80, 8000, and 554 ports. The steps for port mapping vary
according to the different routers. Please call the router manufacturer for
assistance with port mapping.