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Network Camera User Manual
such as the version, memory used, flash used, company, status and license.
In the Operation list, you can click to export the log, click to set the
permission, click to delete the application, and click enable or
disable the application.
If you click , there are two checkboxes Get Video Stream and Camera Setting
If the third-party application needs to get the video stream, check the checkbox
to enable Get Video Stream.
If the third-party application needs to get or set the camera parameters, check
the checkbox to enable Camera Setting Authorization.
7. If you have installed the application, you can select the desired application to
view the license or click Browse to import the license for each application. There
are four license statuses: free, inactive, activated and expired. Free means that
the application is free of use and you need not to import a license key, inactive
means you should import a license key before using the application.
Import License
Before you import the application package, make sure the following requirements
are met.
The imported applications cannot have the same name.
The flash memory size of the imported application should be less than the free