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Network Camera User Manual
Appendix 1 SADP Software Introduction
Description of SADP
SADP (Search Active Devices Protocol) is a kind of user-friendly and installation-free
online device search tool. It searches the active online devices within your subnet
and displays the information of the devices. You can also modify the basic network
information of the devices using this software.
Search active devices online
Search online devices automatically
After launch the SADP software, it automatically searches the online devices
every 15 seconds from the subnet where your computer locates. It displays the
total number and information of the searched devices in the Online Devices
interface. Device information including the device type, IP address and port
number, etc. will be displayed.
Figure A.1.1 Searching Online Devices
Device can be searched and displayed in the list in 15 seconds after it went
online; it will be removed from the list in 45 seconds after it went offline.
Search online devices manually