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Network Camera User Manual
Appendix 2 Port Mapping
The following settings are for TP-LINK router (TL-WR641G). The settings vary
depending on different models of routers.
1. Select the WAN Connection Type, as shown below:
Figure A.2.1 Select the WAN Connection Type
2. Set the LAN parameters of the router as in the following figure, including IP
address and subnet mask settings.
Figure A.2.2 Set the LAN parameters
3. Set the port mapping in the virtual severs of Forwarding. By default, camera uses
port 80, 8000 and 554. You can change these ports value with web browser or
client software.
When the cameras are connected to the same router, you can configure the ports
of a camera as 80, 8000, and 554 with IP address, and the ports of