User Manual

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Network Camera User Manual
Access to the Network
Accessing by Web Browsers
For certain camera models, HTTPS is enabled by default and the camera creates an
unsigned certificate automatically. When you access to the camera the first time, the
web browser prompts a notification about the certificate issue.
To cancel the notification, install a signed-certificate to the camera. For detailed
operation, see 0 HTTPS Settings.
1. Open the web browser.
2. In the browser address bar, input the IP address of the network camera, and press
the Enter key to enter the login interface.
The default IP address is You are recommended to change the IP
address to the same subnet with your computer.
3. Input the user name and password and click Login.
The admin user should configure the device accounts and user/operator
permissions properly. Delete the unnecessary accounts and user/operator
The IP address is locked if the admin user performs 7 failed password attempts (5
attempts for the user/operator).