User Manual

Table Of Contents
Network Camera User Manual
Login Interface
4. Click Login.
5. (Optional) Install the plug-in before viewing the live video and operating the
camera. Follow the installation prompts to install the plug-in
For camera that supports plug-in free live view, if you are using Google Chrome 45
and its above version or Mozilla Firefox 52 and its above version, plug-in
installation is not required. But Picture and Playback functions are hidden. To use
mentioned function via web browser, change to their lower version, or change to
Internet Explorer 8.0 and above version.
Accessing by Client Software
The product CD contains the iVMS-4200 client software. You can view the live video
and manage the camera with the software.
Follow the installation prompts to install the software. The control panel and live
view interface of iVMS-4200 client software are shown as below.