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Network Camera User Manual
WEP Mode
Authentication - Select Open or Shared Key System Authentication, depending on
the method used by your access point. Not all access points have this option, in
which case they probably use Open System, which is sometimes known as SSID
Key length - This sets the length of the key used for the wireless encryption, 64 or
128 bit. The encryption key length can sometimes be shown as 40/64 and
Key type - The key types available depend on the access point being used. The
following options are available:
HEX - Allows you to manually enter the hex key.
ASCII - In this method, the string must be exactly 5 characters for 64-bit WEP and
13 characters for 128-bit WEP.
WPA-personal and WPA2-personal Mode:
Enter the required Pre-shared Key for the access point, which can be a hexadecimal
number or a passphrase.
Security Mode- WPA-personal
WPA- enterprise and WPA2-enterprise Mode: