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Network Camera User Manual
For your privacy and to better protect your system against security risks, we
strongly recommend the use of strong passwords for all functions and network
devices. The password should be something of your own choosing (using a
minimum of 8 characters, including at least three of the following categories:
upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers and special characters) in order to
increase the security of your product.
Proper configuration of all passwords and other security settings is the
responsibility of the installer and/or end-user.
Easy Wi-Fi Connection with WPS function
The setting of the wireless network connection is never easy. To avoid the complex
setting of the wireless connection you can enable the WPS function.
WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) refers to the easy configuration of the encrypted
connection between the device and the wireless router. The WPS makes it easy to
add new devices to an existing network without entering long passphrases. There are
two modes of the WPS connection, the PBC mode and the PIN mode.
Note: If you enable the WPS function, you do not need to configure the parameters
such as the encryption type and you do not need to know the key of the wireless