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Network Camera User Manual
Wi-Fi Settings - WPS
PBC Mode:
PBC refers to the Push-Button-Configuration, in which the user simply has to push a
button, either an actual or virtual one (as the button on the
configuration interface of the IE browser), on both the Access Point (and a registrar
of the network) and the new wireless client device.
1. Check the checkbox of to enable WPS.
2. Choose the connection mode as PBC.
Note: Support of this mode is mandatory for both the Access Points and the
connecting devices.
3. Check on the Wi-Fi router to see if there is a WPS button. If yes, push the button
and you can see the indicator near the button start flashing, which means the WPS
function of the router is enabled. For detailed operation, please see the user guide of
the router.
4. Push the WPS button to enable the function on the camera.
If there is not a WPS button on the camera, you can also click the virtual button to
enable the PBC function on the web interface.
5. Click Connect button.
When the PBC mode is both enabled in the router and the camera, the camera and