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Network Camera User Manual
Live View
Live View Page
The live view page allows you to view the real-time video, capture images, record
videos, realize PTZ control, configure display settings, OSD settings, video/audio
settings, VCA settings and set/call presets.
Log in the network camera to enter the live view page, or you can click Live View on
the menu bar of the main page to enter the live view page.
Descriptions of the live view page:
Live View
Menu Bar
Quick Sutup
PTZ Control
Live View Page
Menu Bar
Click each tab to enter Live View, Playback, Picture, Application, Configuration and
Smart Display page respectively.
Live View Window
Display the live video.
Toolbar allows you to adjust the live view window size, the stream type, and the
plug-ins. It also allows you to process the operations on the live view page, e.g.,
start/stop live view, capture, record, audio on/off, two-way audio, start/stop digital
zoom, etc.