User Manual

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Network Camera User Manual
be set on the Configuration > Local page. To configure remote scheduled recording,
please refer to 6.1 Configuring Local Parameters.
Note: The captured image will be saved as JPEG file or BMP file in your computer.
Quick Setup
1. Click on the right of the live view window to show the quick setup panel. Click
to hide it.
2. Specify PTZ, Display, OSD and Video/Audio and VCA resource parameters.
Operating PTZ Control
PTZ Control Panel
You can use the PTZ control buttons to realize pan/tilt/zoom control of the camera.
Note: To realize PTZ control, the camera connected to the network must support the
PTZ function or have a pan/tilt unit installed to the camera. Please properly set the
PTZ parameters on RS-485 settings page by referring to 6.2.4 Configuring RS-485
Click the direction buttons to control the pan/tilt movements.