User Manual

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Network Camera User Manual
Setting a Preset
2. Use the PTZ control buttons to move the lens to the desired position.
• Pan the camera to the right or left.
• Tilt the camera up or down.
• Zoom in or out.
• Refocus the lens.
3. Click to finish the setting of the current preset.
4. You can click to delete the preset.
Calling a Preset:
This feature enables the camera to point to a specified preset scene manually or
automatically when an event takes place.
For the defined preset, you can call it at any time to the desired preset scene.
In the PTZ control panel, select a defined preset from the list and click to call the
Or you can place the mouse on the presets interface, and call the preset by typing
the preset No. to call the corresponding presets.
Calling a Preset
Setting/Calling a Patrol
No less than 2 presets should be configured before you set a patrol.
1. Click to enter the patrol configuration interface.