User Manual

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Network Camera User Manual
2. Select a path No., and click to add the configured presets.
3. Select the preset, and input the patrol duration and patrol speed.
4. Click OK to save the first preset.
5. Follow the steps above to add the other presets.
Add Patrol Path
6. Click OK to save a patrol.
7. Click to start the patrol, and click to stop it.
8. (Optional) Click to delete a patrol.
General Settings
Display Settings
Scene: Select a scene according to actual installation environment. (Only certain
camera models support.)
WDR: The WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) function helps the camera provide clear
images even under back light circumstances. When there are both very bright
and very dark areas simultaneously in the field of view, WDR balances the
brightness level of the whole image and provide clear images with details. You
can enable or disable the WDR function and set the level.
HLC: High Light Compensation makes the camera identify and suppress the
strong light sources that usually flare across a scene. This makes it possible to
see the detail of the image that would normally be hidden.
OSD (On Screen Display)
Set text information displayed on screen. Alignment adjustment is available for Text