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Network Camera User Manual
Network Camera
Configuring Local Parameters
The local configuration refers to the parameters of the live view, record files and
captured pictures. The record files and captured pictures are the ones you record and
capture using the web browser and thus the saving paths of them are on the PC
running the browser.
1. Enter the Local Configuration interface: Configuration > Local.
2. Configure the following settings:
Live View Parameters: Set the protocol type and live view performance.
Protocol Type: TCP, UDP, MULTICAST and HTTP are selectable.
TCP: Ensures complete delivery of streaming data and better video quality,
yet the real-time transmission will be affected.
UDP: Provides real-time audio and video streams.
HTTP: Allows the same quality as of TCP without setting specific ports for
streaming under some network environments.
MULTICAST: Its recommended to select MCAST type when using the
Multicast function. For detailed information about Multicast, refer to 7.1.1
Configuring TCP/IP Settings.
Play Performance: Set the live view performance to Shortest Delay, Balanced,
Fluent or Custom. For Custom, you can set the frame rate for live view.
Rules: It refers to the rules on your local browser, select enable or disable to
display or not display the colored marks when the motion detection, face
detection, or intrusion detection is triggered. E.g., enabled as the rules are,