User Manual

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Network Camera User Manual
Note: You can click Browse to change the directory for saving the clips and pictures,
and click Open to open the set folder of clips and picture saving.
3. Click Save to save the settings.
Configure System Settings
Follow the instructions below to configure the system settings, include System
Settings, Maintenance, Security, and User Management, etc.
Configuring Basic Information
Enter the Device Information interface: Configuration > System > System Settings >
Basic Information.
In the Basic Information interface, you can edit the Device Name and Device No.
Other information of the network camera, such as Model, Serial No., Firmware
Version, Encoding Version, Number of Channels, Number of HDDs, Number of Alarm
Input and Number of Alarm Output are displayed. The information cannot be
changed in this menu. It is the reference for maintenance or modification in future.
Configuring Time Settings
You can follow the instructions in this section to configure the time synchronization
and DST settings.
1. Enter the Time Settings interface, Configuration > System> System Settings >
Time Settings.