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Network Camera User Manual
Note: If the camera is connected to a public network, you should use a NTP server
that has a time synchronization function, such as the server at the National Time
Center (IP Address: If the camera is set in a customized network, NTP
software can be used to establish a NTP server for time synchronization.
Configure the manual time synchronization.
(1) Check the Manual Time Sync. to enable the manual time synchronization
(2) Click the icon to select the date, time from the pop-up calendar.
(3) (Optional) You can check Sync. with computer time item to synchronize the
time of the device with that of the local PC.
Time Sync Manually
Click Save to save the settings.
Configuring RS-232 Settings
The RS-232 port can be used in two ways:
Console: Connect a computer to the camera through the serial port. Device
parameters can be configured by using software such as HyperTerminal. The
serial port parameters must be the same as the serial port parameters of the
Transparent Channel: Connect a serial device directly to the camera. The serial
device will be controlled remotely by the computer through the network.