User Manual

Network Camera User Manual
Please install blackouts equipment into the power supply circuit for convenient
supply interruption.
Please make sure that the ceiling can support more than 50(N) Newton gravities
if the camera is fixed to the ceiling.
If the product does not work properly, please contact your dealer or the nearest
service center. Never attempt to disassemble the camera yourself. (We shall not
assume any responsibility for problems caused by unauthorized repair or
Make sure the power supply voltage is correct before using the camera.
Do not drop the camera or subject it to physical shock.
Do not touch sensor modules with fingers. If cleaning is necessary, use a clean
cloth with a bit of ethanol and wipe it gently. If the camera will not be used for
an extended period of time, put on the lens cap to protect the sensor from dirt.
Do not aim the camera lens at the strong light such as sun or incandescent lamp.
The strong light can cause fatal damage to the camera.
The sensor may be burned out by a laser beam, so when any laser equipment is
being used, make sure that the surface of the sensor not be exposed to the laser
Do not place the camera in extremely hot, cold temperatures (refer to product
specification for working temperature), dusty or damp environment, and do not
expose it to high electromagnetic radiation.
To avoid heat accumulation, ensure there is good ventilation to the device.
Keep the camera away from water and any liquids.
While shipping, pack the camera in its original, or equivalent, packing materials.
Or packing the same texture.
Improper use or replacement of the battery may result in hazard of explosion.
Please use the manufacturer recommended battery type.