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Network Camera User Manual
Auto: The LED will be turned on according to the environment illumination.
5. Click Save to save the settings.
Configuring VCA Resource
VCA resource offers you options to enable certain VCA functions according to actual
need when several VCA functions are available. It helps allocate more resources to
the desired functions.
1. Enter VCA Resource configuration interface:
Configuration > System > System Settings > VCA Resource
2. Select a desired VCA combination. Available VCA combination varies according to
different camera models.
3. Click Save to save the settings. A reboot is required after setting the VCA
VCA combinations are mutually exclusive. When you activate one combination,
the others are hidden.
Only certain camera models support the function.
Configuring Metadata Settings
Metadata is the raw data the camera collects before algorithm processing. Metadata
of intrusion detection, line crossing detection, region entrance detection, region
exiting detection, unattended baggage detection, object removal, queue
management and face capture can be uploaded. If enabled, the metadata of the
corresponding event are available for users to explore the possibility of various data
1. Enter Metadata settings interface: