User Manual

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Network Camera User Manual
Restore: Reset all the parameters except the IP parameters and user information
to the default settings.
Default: Restore all the parameters to the factory default.
After restoring the default settings, the IP address is also restored to the
default IP address, please be careful for this action.
For camera that supports Wi-Fi, wireless dial, or wlan function, Restore
action does not restore the related settings of mentioned functions to
Information Export
Device Parameters: click to export the current configuration file of the camera.
This operation requires admin password to proceed.
For the exported file, you also have to create an encryption password. The
encryption password is required when you import the file to other cameras.
Diagnose Information: click to download log and system information.
Import Config. File
Configuration file is used for the batch configuration of the cameras.
1. Click Browse to select the saved configuration file.
2. Click Import and input the encryption password that you set during
Note: You need to reboot the camera after importing configuration file.
Upgrade: Upgrade the device to a certain version.
1. Select firmware or firmware directory to locate the upgrade file.
Firmware: Locate the exact path of the upgrade file.
Firmware Directory: Only the directory the upgrade file belongs to is
2. Click Browse to select the local upgrade file and then click Upgrade to start
remote upgrade.