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Network Camera User Manual
Advanced Security
Advanced security offers options to manage more network security settings of the
Security Reinforce
Check the checkbox to enable the function. Security reinforce is a solution to
enhance network security. With the function enabled, risky functions, protocols,
ports of the device are disabled and more secured alternative functions,
protocols and ports are enabled.
Control Timeout Settings
If you enable the function and set timeout period, you will be logged out when
you make no operation to the device via web browser (Viewing live image and
playback are not included.) for the set timeout period.
Displays the currently active digest algorithm. If Security Reinforce is enabled,
MD5 is disabled and SHA256 is enabled instead.
Note: Only certain camera models support the function.
User Management
User Management
As Administrator
The admin user can add, delete or modify user accounts, and grant them
different permissions. We highly recommend you manage the user accounts and
permissions properly.
Enter the User Management interface: Configuration > System > User
Admin password if required for adding and modifying a user account.