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Network Camera User Manual
STRONG PASSWORD RECOMMENDEDWe highly recommend you create a
strong password of your own choosing (using a minimum of 8 characters,
including at least three of the following categories: upper case letters, lower
case letters, numbers, and special characters) in order to increase the
security of your product. And we recommend you reset your password
regularly, especially in the high security system, resetting the password
monthly or weekly can better protect your product.
3. You can check or uncheck the permissions.
4. Click OK to finish the user modification.
Deleting a User
1. Click to select the user you want to delete and click Delete.
2. Click OK on the pop-up dialogue box to confirm the deletion.
Setting Simultaneous Login
1. Click General.
2. Slide the slide bar to set the simultaneous login. If the number of the illegal
login attempts exceeds the set threshold, your access will be denied.
As Operator or User
Operator or user can modify password. Old password is required for this action.
Security Question
Security question is used to recover the admin password when admin user forgets
the password. Recovering the password via the security questions and via the email
are available.
Set Account Security:
You can set the security questions during camera activation. Or you can set the
function at user management interface.