User Manual

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Network Camera User Manual
Security question setting is not cleared when you restore the camera (not to default).
1. Enter setting interface:
Configuration > System > User Management > User Management
2. Click Account Security Settings.
3. Select questions and input answers.
4. Enter the E-mail address to receive the verification code for password recovery.
5. Click OK to save the settings.
Reset Admin Password:
Before you start:
The PC used to reset password and the camera should belong to the same IP address
segment of the same LAN.
1. Enter login interface via web browser.
2. Click Forget Password.
3. Select the verification mode to E-mail Verification.
4. Read the Privacy Policy and click OK.
5. Click Export QR Code and save the code to local.
6. Send the code to as an attachment. Your email
account for password recovery will receive a verification code in 5 minutes.
The verification code is valid within 48 hours.
7. Input the verification code in the text field below.