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Network Camera User Manual
multicast group address. Before utilizing this function, you have to enable the
Multicast function of your router.
A reboot is required for the settings to take effect.
Configuring DDNS Settings
If your camera is set to use PPPoE as its default network connection, you can use the
Dynamic DNS (DDNS) for network access.
Before you start:
Registration on the DDNS server is required before configuring the DDNS settings of
the camera.
1. Enter the DDNS Settings interface: Configuration > Network > Basic Settings >
2. Check the Enable DDNS checkbox to enable this feature.
3. Select DDNS Type. Two DDNS types are selectable: DynDNS and NO-IP.
(1) Enter Server Address of DynDNS (e.g.
(2) In the Domain text field, enter the domain name obtained from the DynDNS
(3) Enter the User Name and Password registered on the DynDNS website.
(4) Click Save to save the settings.