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Network Camera User Manual
IP Address stands for the address of multicast.
Video port and audio port of each video stream of each camera channel can be
specified by selecting a stream in Video Stream and inputting port number in
Video Port and Audio Port.
3. Click Save.
Note: The function is only supported by certain camera models.
Configure Advanced Settings
You can configure the parameters, including SNMP, FTP, Email, HTTPS, QoS, 802.1x,
etc., by following the instructions in this section.
Configuring SNMP Settings
You can set the SNMP function to get camera status, parameters and alarm related
information, and manage the camera remotely when it is connected to the network.
Before you start:
Before setting the SNMP, please download the SNMP software and manage to
receive the camera information via SNMP port. By setting the Trap Address, the
camera can send the alarm event and exception messages to the surveillance center.
Note: The SNMP version you select should be the same as that of the SNMP software.
And you also need to use the different version according to the security level you
required. SNMP v1 provides no security and SNMP v2 requires password for access.
And SNMP v3 provides encryption and if you use the third version, HTTPS protocol
must be enabled.
For your privacy and to better protect your system against security risks, we
strongly recommend the use of strong passwords for all functions and network