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Network Camera User Manual
Anonymous Access to the FTP Server (in which case the user name and
password will not be required.): Check the Anonymous checkbox to enable the
anonymous access to the FTP server.
Note: The anonymous access function must be supported by the FTP server.
7. Click Save to save the settings.
Configuring Email Settings
The system can be configured to send an Email notification to all designated
receivers if an alarm event is detected, e.g., motion detection event, video loss,
video tampering, etc.
Before you start:
Please configure the DNS Server settings under Configuration > Network > Basic
Settings > TCP/IP before using the Email function.
1. Enter the TCP/IP Settings (Configuration > Network > Basic Settings > TCP/IP) to
set the IPv4 Address, IPv4 Subnet Mask, IPv4 Default Gateway and the Preferred
DNS Server.
Note: Please refer to 7.1.1 Configuring TCP/IP Settings for detailed information.
2. Enter the Email Settings interface: Configuration > Network >Advanced Settings >
3. Configure the following settings:
Sender: The name of the email sender.
Senders Address: The email address of the sender.
SMTP Server: IP address or host name (e.g., of the SMTP
SMTP Port: The SMTP port. The default TCP/IP port for SMTP is 25 (not secured).
And the SSL SMTP port is 465.
Email Encryption: None, SSL, and TLS are selectable. When you select SSL or TLS