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Network Camera User Manual
and disable STARTTLS, e-mails will be sent after encrypted by SSL or TLS. The
SMTP port should be set as 465 for this encryption method. When you select SSL
or TLS and enable STARTTLS, emails will be sent after encrypted by STARTTLS,
and the SMTP port should be set as 25.
Note: If you want to use STARTTLS, make sure that your e-mail server supports
the protocol. If you check the Enable STARTTLS checkbox when the protocol is
not supported by your e-mail sever, your e-mail will not be encrypted.
Attached Image: Check the checkbox of Attached Image if you want to send
emails with attached alarm images.
Interval: The interval refers to the time between two actions of sending attached
Authentication (optional): If your email server requires authentication, check
this checkbox to use authentication to log in to this server and input the login
user name and password.
For your privacy and to better protect your system against security risks, we
strongly recommend the use of strong passwords for all functions and
network devices. The password should be something of your own choosing
(using a minimum of 8 characters, including at least three of the following
categories: upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers and special
characters) in order to increase the security of your product.
Proper configuration of all passwords and other security settings is the
responsibility of the installer and/or end-user.
The Receiver table: Select the receiver to which the email is sent. Up to 3
receivers can be configured.
Receiver: The name of the user to be notified.
Receivers Address: The email address of user to be notified.